12 Tips – First flight tips with the DJI Mavic Pro


I really tried making it shorter but I packed in some really good content in here for you in this one. In this part 2 video of the DJI Mavic Pro, I show you what to do …


  1. Man out of all the videos on this topic I really think yours his by far the best. Very thorough and informative, even as a pilot for a few months now I enjoyed the information you are putting out there. I strongly suggest that everyone watches this before they use there Mavic Pro.

  2. These videos on drones must make some serious bucks for someone …I have flown aircraft and drones for some time and notice most Utube drone videos never mention safe fly areas in any realistic terms. Learn the regulations folks before you think any open field is safe. No fly areas include most urban areas. Restricted airspace for drones is far more than aircraft. Get a "before you fly " flight plan in place for any area you will fly in before you fly. For example you can never fly within 3 miles of any hospital due to helicopter pads at virtually every one. Schools are restricted in most areas the same way. It takes some of the fun out of it, but the fines from the FAA alone are not small …unless $100,000 dollars is no big deal. It only takes one killjoy to complain and off you go for an extended free vacation …along with parting with your drone and some major cash.

  3. Thanks SOO much! Just bought one today and can’t wait for it to be delivered. Really nervous flying it but this video makes me feel a lot better about it though and more confident now. Great job!!

  4. hello video is very nice.

    I will have a question about how to make the recording time of 4 minutes longer than the track track when doing the recording time. Sandisk Extreme Pro 64gb Sd Hafıza Kartı 4k U3 V30 95mb/s 633x existing thanks..:-)

  5. Thanks a very good insight on the M2Pro – just subscribed enjoying the vlogs very much so & been inspired by you by to buy my own Mavic 2 Pro please do check my channel & and subscribe if you like what you see Thank You.

  6. You're by far the best in this sector! As a very advanced drone pilot you're able to step back and remember how it was when you started, then effectively educate in a easy to understand manner. Thanks very much for all you do.

  7. Hi there sir! I've been following your videos for a while, and now I already purchased my own Mavic Pro, but I just wanted to share my experience with my Mavic it happens that I've encountered this message "Rc remote control signal lost" I don't know why I have encountered this one? Before this happens I just try to push my mavic to its range in my hometown and it reached about 2000ft distance and 200ft height, then I decided to comeback facing forward to where my homepoint is, but when it reaches about 300ft distance and still 200ft height, this happens "RC remote control signal lost" I was freak out and thinking my mavic flies aways, I don't have eyes on my screen, so what I did I come out to my house and tries to see if I could see it line of sight, then gladly it was just hovering outside! so I did land it manually, I can still control it to my remote control but then again I cant see anything on my screen. Any ideas sir? what causes this one?

  8. Another hard to find TIP is how to keep the FILE names from repeating every time you delete or remove the files from the SD card. If anyone is looking for this setting, it's in the app under your camera setting (where you set your ISO, Shutter, EV, etc.) from there click the gear tab/icon on the top right. Scroll down to the setting "File Index Mode" and change it from the default Reset to Continuous. Your Mavic has to be on and connected for the setting to be changed!

  9. Great video! I just bought one and am checking through lots of these videos and yours makes good common sense. Waiting for some decent rain free weather here in Wales. Meanwhile I'll watch more of your videos Thanks


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