10 Things To Do When You Get A New Camera


Have a new camera or getting one soon? Here are 10 settings and accessories you should consider using with your new camera! Check the links below for …


  1. Take a picture of your receipt, take pictures of the Box and the Camera (especially the serial number). INSURE the camera!!! Charge the batteries properly for the first time. Remove the stupid, noisy rattle strap rings and get a proper strap system (when will manufacturers stop fitting those). Test the sensor is clean.

  2. Excellent video. Thanks for sharing. Please I need some advice, I am a photographer starting on the video, all my gear is canon (5dmk3, 5dmk4) and I want to complement this with a camera that allows me to shoot in 4k but with manageable files (5dmk4 the video files are monster size) , and at the same time allow me to use all my canon glasses. My budget is about $us2,500. I will appreciate your comments. Greetings from Japan.

  3. As an Olympus owner, DO this. I wrecked shit up in manual mode for skipping those basic steps and now I'm lost. I have years of experience behind more traditional cameras BTW

  4. Great advice Caleb. One thing to watch out for though, is setting your dial to ISO. I did this on my A7s2 and found it was too easy for myself (and my camera operator), to accidentally push it from the SLog base of 1600 to Auto ISO. One tiny push was all it took. And finding out in post that your footage from shooting outdoors keeps changing exposure is a real sinking feeling. But as always, love the channel and keep up the good work!


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