10 RC Newbie Mistakes To Avoid – RC Driver


We’ve been in the RC hobby for a long time, no really, a looong time and have seen a lot of new people enter the hobby while hanging out at shops and tracks.


  1. Today I bought a nitro Rc car and the manual didn't say you have to take out the 4 tiny screws in the transmitter thing to put batteries in so I figured it already had them, so when I went to start it, it was revving so high that I thought it was gonna blow up and I couldn't turn it off. Idiot mistake #2 never start a nitro rc without putting batteries in the transmitter!

  2. My friend has recently gotten into rc cars and I have been in for quite a while now, and whenever I try to give him a tip or tell him what would be good for him he doesn’t really listen. He got a brushed monster truck and barely drove it, and less than a month later he got a brushless one and broke it on the second day due to lack of experience, and when we tell him not to do something he ignores me and does it anyway. If he has a car that’s brushless he will put a lipo in right away and break it, and I don’t want him to break it first day than never get the parts (like what he always does). I just wanted to know if you had any tips for me so I can tell him. Instead of making him go through all this trouble over and over again.

  3. in regards to fires caused by battery charging, I have found a great combination…
    mix a 1:1 ratio of cornstarch/baby powder and baking soda, (a total minimum of 2 cups) and keep in an air tight container next to your charger, no mixing water, just pour directly onto the battery enough to fully choke it and kill the chemical reaction causing the fire

  4. I like tip #10. LiPo batteries are inherently dangerous. Lithium has been powering Naval torpedoes for decades.
    Long ago I worked at a service outlet supplied by Johnson Controls. I have seen/heard 12v auto batteries go off like a bomb in The shop.
    I place batteries of all types in a safe zone while charging. No static/flames. And vented. And always eye protection.

  5. Is there a 1/5th scale R/C Rally Race where I can watch spectators at a curve on dirt road getting hit by driver out of control?
     Citroen, Ford, Renault, Subaru rally cars? I looked into Tamiya 1/10th with adjustable rear wheelbase.
     Different vacuum formed Lexan bodies. And big $$$ for shipping to USA.

  6. I haven't been to an R/C track in 30 years. Do some have a pit lane to enter/exit like a real auto track?
    Do they have a test and tune session? I'm old. I remember adult "swim/skate" and the kids sidelined for 15 minutes.

  7. One mistake I find newbies make especially with kit models is that they are in to much of a rush to get it finished in resulting missing parts, my advice is take your time read the instructions CAREFULLY only open up the bags when the instructions tells you to, empty screws, nuts, washers etc.. into empty containers such as an empty yogurt pots.


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