#048: Landscape Photography. Sunrise at Llanddwyn Island, Newborough, Anglesey, North Wales


This landscape photography location is certainly no candidate for my off the beaten track series! It’s just after sunrise in the middle of the holiday season, but I’m …


  1. great video i like how you give OS maps at the begging and there is nothing wrong with holiday type shots sometimes if you travel a long way to a site you have to work with what mother nature give you

  2. Love the standard shot it defo is a nice take on it. And it is not often I learn anything these days BUT I did not know about the WB and RAW. So lesson learned. I need to go there that early May have to get up early. I do still fancy a wild camp or collaborating with you

  3. Hi David. I'm pretty sure that I have run across your vlogs in the past, but I follow Gary and his interview with you prompted me to revisit your channel. Really enjoyed this video and I have now subscribed. I will begin to review your back library. Too much good content on YT and not enough time! You captured some beautiful photos in this vlog. I really liked the one at 1:44 of the beach. Cheers, Jeff.

  4. Great photos mate.I've stayed in the cottage a few times in the past with my best mate that was a part time warden there. Its my favourite place on Anglesey & anywhere else Ive ever been to really.

  5. Hi David. What a lovely relaxed approach to the video ! Love your take on this iconic location. Really pleased you had the island to yourself. You've captured some fantastic images here, especially the shot of Twr Bach. Great video David – really enjoyable. Many thanks for sharing. P.S. Is the Newborough car park open and manned at that time of morning or did you get a freebie ;)?

  6. Thanks to you for letting us more about your part of our beautiful Earth!!! You picked again gorgeous location, that lighthouse is one sexy object indeed,,,, you managed your outing excellently with awesome images as always, thank you!! Cheers from Colorado, Verdon!

  7. Just wishing I had been sat there taking in the morning light DG… wonderful morning and you have bagged yourself some corking images to go with the sunset ones you got at Llanddwyn. Can I ask what were you using to record yoursle with – the quality looked fabulous.

  8. Loving these vlogs David. Some great images there but when you were concentrating on the canon, did you miss the view to your left with the tower and mountains in the background? 😀


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