✅ Eachine E58 review (Mini Mavic)- the perfect foldable beginner drone?


Check out the price: Check out the new Mavic air: 8% off coupon: toysho The eachine E58 suprised me a lot …


  1. Pure bull snit. If you are gonna learn how to fly a drone this will get you nowhere. First off the instructions are confusing so dont even try to figure that one out. unless you have a Chinese friend that can read the Chinese instructions. Because it is worded and explained in Chinese English. Even just a simple thing like turn power button on, is written open power button or some crazy crap like that. Flight time is 3-5 minutes so you better learn quick. Cause you gotta wait 2-3 hrs to charge via usb port. Cant use a lipo charger so forget that idea. It lifts itself but only just barely. And even that is done via button, with altitude hold. Basically it flys itself for you. Its a stupid wana be selfie drone at best. And even that with a little wind is unpredictable and or impossible. You are better off with a small tiny little desk drone and learn that first. Then get a descent drone and dont waist your money on this Echine E58 DJI cheap plasic copy junk. And this youtuber got a free drone out of writing a positive review. And then money -tized the video. So he is blowing smoke up yours.

  2. hello! i love your videos! very insightful!
    sorry i got a few questions, would realllllly appreciate it if you can tell me what you think.
    I saw a video comparing VISUO XS809HW and e58 and it claims the video is better on visuo. is that true?
    also i was browsing on bang good and found out that flytec T13 ($40) and eachine H99D ($47) are on sales. if i have to pick 1 (from h38, xs809, t13, h99d) which would be a better buy? i like the size of e58 and particularly of t13, but if there's a huge sacrifice on handling and video quality than id rather get a bigger one.

    I know none of them are even close to be a real photo shooting drones, i would still love to see what video it can take at 30m above halong bay!
    sorry if i asked too many questions, im really new to drones…
    thanks in advance!! 😉


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